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Love recognizes no barriers.

It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. 

-Maya Angelou

Relationships are incredibly challenging in the demanding Silicon Valley. There are many internal and external stressors negatively affecting couples, making it very difficult to maintain thriving partnerships. Silicon Valley jobs frequently get more time than home does. Even when your partner is home their mind is often still at work. Sometimes work attitudes start to show up at home, and it may look strange to a partner. Work related anxiety coupled with life and relationship challenges can become overwhelming. Couples counseling in the Silicon Valley needs a unique perspective and focus that isn't there in traditional couples work. 


There is no better clinician to join forces with to create a more tailored approach to Silicon Valley couples counseling than The Silicon Valley Therapist, Howard Scott Warshaw. Howard has worked in the local high-tech industry as a software engineer for many years. He had a first hand experience of the pressure that comes with it and the strain it creates on relationships. I too have a personal experience of the challenges relationships face here being married to a man climbing the corporate ladder throughout our now 28 year marriage. Our personal experiences naturally led us to want to support couples who are experiencing the same challenges we have experienced and we have done it successfully for many years.


We are now combining our vast personal and professional experiences to create a comprehensive roadmap for Silicon Valley couples who are interested in strengthening their relationships. We will be offering educational-experiential workshops and couples counseling groups. You can expect to learn a great deal about building meaningful connections in this stressful environment and improving work-home boundary which is an important pillar in constructing a solid relationship foundation. But you can also expect to be entertained and have fun. Both Howard and I are highly professional psychotherapists, but we also love to have fun in everything that we do. Our workshops and groups will not be any different. 

I invite you to provide us your contact information in the form bellow, so we can send you more details of upcoming events. We will launch our program as soon as it is safe to have in person gatherings. The space will be limited due to the nature of our work and the demand we already see from current and past clients. We are reserving spots now, so contact us today and take the first step toward the relationship you want. 

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