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Relationship issues

Couples counseling

Work performance

Work and life stress

Life transitions

Life coaching

Practicing psychotherapy was a lifelong dream of mine. It took some time for me to feel ready to tackle the challenge of becoming a licensed clinician. My detour included working in human resources and studying computer programming, but I always knew where my heart was. In 2005, I finally enrolled in the graduate school of psychology at John F. Kennedy University and never looked back.


My clinical training at the university's counseling center started in 2007. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to work with diverse population in culture and in clinical presentation. My internship provided me comprehensive clinical experience and supported my quest to become a competent licensed clinician.

I am very sensitive to the challenge of trusting a new person during a vulnerable time. I strive to provide a warm and supportive space for my clients to feel comfortable sharing intimate thoughts and feelings. I offer an open and accepting environment that welcomes my clients to be who they are.


Whether you are looking for guidance during a challenging situation or would like to make positive changes in your life, I will be honored to support you. I look forward to us establishing a collaborative relationship that will promote growth and successful outcome. More information on my psychotherapy services here.

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